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Friday, October 20, 2017

10/20/2017 - This Morning's Premonition: "Heavens Forever"

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Asimilitude? Sharing with others' in the Father's Heavenly Living Word

Dream: You are Jesus Christ
Dream: You have another One
Dream: You may be the only One
Dream: You can only love one
Dream: The Father is the Son

I am not going to comment on the changes I have been seeing locally like with my birth family. Who is the same or not and who is an upgrade of former self seems to be what's going on. Now, the things I have been seeing just appearing as if it had always been there to some people has slowed down somewhat.. but there was a time, in particular, a couple years ago when I was 40 (Islamic Prophecy) when things anew were happening seemingly all the time.
What happens in my eyes when I see a new Bible passage changed? I immediately wonder who else knows of it, if it's brand new in my eyes.. For example, I had been reading in the Quran alot doing some prayers and studying, and I never noticed some strange passages like when I came back from a return visit in the Philippines and trees were popping up all over the place.. Then, I who have been abstaining from meat, said to myself and my remote viewing network I am going to the local dunkin donuts for meat.. When I came back, I opened the Quran and saw with my eyes Isa asking for a table of meat for followers (Yeshua).. As usual, I looked it up on twitter to see who else is noting that if any in my world (Dream: "Mercy Father"). Purposefully, I didn't read the next numbered passage and had a hunch when I looked that up since it was the last that I hadn't seen with my own eyes, if Muhammad or anyone had something special to say, I found nothing:

It was 5-112 I turned to:


This was the Hadith I looked up and found right away. Many changes were happening in my eyes and about recently I dreamt that I may have practically been transported myself; especially, away from all the harm remotely that was being caused and the people involved are goners (just as it said in the book).. Dream: "Peace will live Forever"
Dream: "Loving Father" - What happens when you see something new with your own eyes is it the same or not to someone else? Well with the Scriptures, you had to have been reading. You can't just hear it from someone else. You read, the Bible, and then when your own eyes sees something new you can ask a significant others' eyes also reading how they feel anew about it or not. People are getting transported or upgraded, dreams say I am from the earliest time (not Muhammad or Yeshua which in my experience they are saying almost the same things about - "the only way" etc.); and, they said to me people come in to see me and go out (like its some kind of netherworld, purgatory) - do I want to go with them?

Sunday, October 15, 2017

My name is Dennis

Dream: "I found the original world"
What miracles (today) are brought?
Things have been appearing from nowhere
When I came back from Boracay, Philippines after the Millennialism (0-1999=2000 years/Chinese New Year), after it was pitch black that day, I have realized later walking back that the place location was like in reverse. Somehow I must have been picked up more than once and transported to a new world. I say this because events that happened in the past, some of them, were now a different time date (movies were dated differently, historic events, etc.) Then years it became quiet and changes slowed. But today I still see things appear around me that weren't there before.. Who notices? "What's going on?" (trees) It seems like after the millennialism it's the data switched. Just like it says in the Quran with many worlds and many peoples, you have another one (I have many myself). The world dupes. The timelines do change, read the bible for example and see all the new sayings of Yeshua, many are not positive anymore. These things started to happen after the Millennialism, like the Day of Resurrection. And people in my presence, with my eyes, remote viewers in particular have been being replaced. Dreaming almost every night, the sources told me its like an asimilitude; you have to upgrade to the higher computer female avatar. This must be the Judgment that comes along with it. No wonder there is more peace left in this world then when I was suffering endlessly..

I dream almost every night for many years and write it down in books. Accordingly, these dreams are picked up and read by my remote viewing network and science as I receive practical everyday reactions from it. I have stacks of dream note books my occupation is to re-read. Thank you God for the correspondance timely..
In one of my personal dreams, I was flying in the air, there were other flying beings in the way I avoided to come to a door of a house emitting light. In the house was this really giant being inside the doorway whose back was against a high bookshelf of books there on the side. Holding an open book was this being; concerned, I told him I have to do better - I have to fear God, I have to love God etc. He said, "NO, that was the end already."

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Dream: His name is Yeshua


Tuesday, February 7, 2017


the 2-7-2017 (7 p.m. EST)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Dream: [Time Travel Save to U.S.S.R. (Vietnam)] - "Obama about to sign something tomorrow that would prevent the upgrade of all computers / Don't forget your pain, Paul Simon"

Some of the tortures, besides about 4 times frequencies called for I felt counted to kill me (Dream: The Angel Gabriel is your Guardian Angel), there were all types/colors bumps, bruises, pains like urinating, knock-outs waking up somewhere else on floor banging head like against wall and laughing at times, inability to wake up kept in half asleep mode back and forth and knowing it still couldn't awake, coughing sometimes seemingly 2000 times a day, not being able to stay lying down in a bed, firing lasers at me from the radio while sleeping, arm turned black, dying limb spreading, swollen feet, mind and motor controlled, intentional whistle blowing against powers with using/overheard mind also. Voices may remain almost undetectable and responsive actions result.. Dreamt that I experienced all the types of tortures..


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