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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The time I dreamt and then John Kerry was replaced (by a new John Kerry)

I was being tortured remotely with my remote viewing network as witness severely for helping having dreamt to stop the administration's invasion/occupation of a Syria War (instead we gave weapons to form ISIS http://www.holyqurans.com/p/end-of-middle-east-war-erased-history.html)
At the time John Kerry of old was a mean, war monger who was testifying before Congress. A long time, then I dreamt he would be replaced and was. In the dream, John Kerry was giving a UN speech outdoors in front of a large audience then at the end he said, "..and that's all I wanted to say."
Then John Kerry was replaced by a new human being John Kerry that even tweets showed he looked different. He was knocked out meeting Netanyahu. The Quran calls this to occur and I dreamt it.

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