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Saturday, August 20, 2016

" Superstore " (NBC) - Tagalog


NBC's Superstore after the Olympics
NBC's Superstore Tagalog (after Olympics) by Nico Santos. This is an ever 1st. As a Filipino-American I missed it live but caught this in my social media network tonight and so glad to have been a part of it with the person historic himself. Not just Filipino America, but America Filipino Philippines and the World hope history has been made as a hidden gem among followings. Born in the USA, I was fast to rent Tagalog movies in the mid 90's at the Filipino store. I must now choose to mention Lea Salonga. This Tagalog moment captures me and what a journey it has been. I am still learning Tagalog of course gusto ko sana, pero ang ibig kong sabihin ay ito ang pinakataas mag-Pinoy palagi mong sinasabi!

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